What is Eat Game Live?
Eat Game Live is what happens when you let a gamer into the kitchen. I was sick of eating trash all day, so I decided to learn how to cook.

My goal of this blog was to write recipes for people in my situation: gamers who just want a good meal. I try to keep my food healthy without sacrificing flavor. Hopefully, I’ve accomplished that!

I also write about other gaming-related things, such as my experiences at gaming conventions such as E3 or BlizzCon.

Who is behind this all?
This blog is written, photographed by me, kierpanda. I also get tons of support, including graphic design and cooking ideas, from my lovely boyfriend.

I’m a veteran gamer and a gaming industry professional. I currently work in social media at a game studio. I grew up with a fascination of games ever since I got my hands on a Gameboy color. Most of my gaming experience is console based, however, I just recently began getting into PC games.

Now, my main focus is PC gaming with the occasional console FPS on the side (mainly Halo). I’m an eSports fan as well. I love to watch StarCraft, but I’m pretty bad at playing it. Oh well! I guess I will just proxy reaper my way to success.

When I’m not playing games, I’m busy doing important internet things, like trolling reddit and watching kdramas.

Feel free to say hi to me on various social outlets:

Twitter: @kierpanda
Facebook Page: eatgamelive


Are you a chef?
Nope! I’ve always had an interest in cooking, but I don’t have any professional training. Back in high school, I thought about attending culinary school, but I looked at the tuition price and decided against it. 

Why do you call ingredients, “unit composition” and steps, “build order”?
As I mentioned earlier, I’m a StarCraft player. I’ve never played StarCraft I, so my career in StarCraft began with StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. The idea of build orders and timings all felt very parallel to fundamentals of cooking. Additionally, your unit selection is just as important as the ingredients you select for your meal. I originally wrote a StarCraft II themed food blog, so some of the formatting from that carried over to this blog.

What camera do you use?
Currently using a Olympus pen e-pl1. I’d like to upgrade to a DSLR, or at least a camera with less of a shutter delay (I like taking photos of Formula 1 cars, but they move a bit too fast for the e-pl1 to handle).

Will you make videos of yourself cooking?
This has been asked quite frequently. Right now, I have no intentions of setting up a YouTube channel with videos of me cooking. I don’t have the time, nor the skill set, to properly make and edit videos. But maybe someday!

Why is your photography so bad?
I have no idea what I’m doing.

What’s up with these ads?
Eat Game Live is run out of my own wallet. I have ads on my blog in order to help pay for the maintenance costs of this website.

How can I support Eat Game Live?
The easiest way to support Eat Game Live is to tell your friends about it! Share the good word of gaming and food. 🙂
However, donating helps too! You can donate through PayPal here.

Or, if you love to shop at Amazon.com, please consider shopping with my Affiliate ID. You can purchase some of my favorite games here.

Every dollar donated helps keep this site alive and running!

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